John Piotrowski graduated Columbia College Chicago in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts Interdiscipinary degree focusing in Theatre and Radio. During his education, he took part in several voice, animation and film projects in addition to radio production. His radio production at Columbia College Chicago won several awards concerning public service announcements.  

Radio Production
John Piotrowski has worked his was from a volunteer at 90.9 WDCB to production at 89.1 WCRX during school. After graduating, he continued in radio as a Music Production Intern at 91.5 WBEZ in the summer of 2006. Currently, John is a Production Assistant and Board Operator at 98.7 WFMT - ‘Window to the World’. His radio production demos can be found under Radio & Voice Demo.

Voice Actor
John Piotrowski worked on voice projects including ‘Landing on All Fours’ (an animated series) where he advanced from voice actor to a vital writer and developer. More recently, Fave ( featured him as a Voice Actor. His voice demos can be found under Radio & Voice Demo. Contact John to inquire about employing his voice acting through the contact page.